Junior Rankings

The Tennis Jamaica Junior Circuit Rankings is a system of ranking players according to points won in tournaments during the twelve (12) month period prior to the current month.


The Tennis Jamaica Junior Circuit Rankings shall be applied to the 12 & under, 14 & under, 16 & under and 18 & under age categories only.

Age Eligibility

Only boys and girls meeting the following criteria may compete in any of the tournaments that comprise the 2014 Tennis Jamaica Junior Circuit:

Age Category Born Between Minimum Age
18 & Under 1st January 1999 and 31st December 2004 13
16 & Under 1st January 2001 and 31st December 2006 11
14 & Under 1st January 2003 and 31st December 2008 9
12 & Under 1st January 2005 and 31st December 2010 7

For the purposes of this rule players must have reached the specified minimum age as at the start of the tournament. The Junior Circuit Committee may, at its discretion, permit a player below the minimum age requirement for a particular age category to participate therein, if it deems that the player’s recent performances are at a sufficiently high level so as to be competitive.

Player Registration

All players entering Tennis Jamaica Junior Circuit tournaments agree, as a condition of their entry, to register for annual Tennis Jamaica membership, to accept the related terms and conditions and pay the appropriate fee. Failure by a player to register for Tennis Jamaica membership and to accept the related terms and conditions will result in the player, while not barred for participating, being ineligible to receive ranking points from such participation.

Combined Rankings

The six best singles results plus one half (½) of the best six doubles results obtained in junior tournaments plus Super Series and End-of-Year bonus points will be taken into consideration for the final ranking.

If two or more players receive the same number of points, their ranking shall follow the number of points scored in their best six singles results. If two or more players are still equal their ranking shall follow the number of points scored in their best six doubles results.

Selection of Competitors

In determining acceptances of players into the main draw and qualifying events, tournaments must use the following criteria:

  • ITF World Junior Ranking
  • National Junior Ranking
  • If players have no ITF or National ranking the tournament committee should take into consideration a player’s recent results

For players with equal ranking the tournament organizers may take into account recent tournament results of the players. Otherwise the tie may be broken by drawing lot.

Draw Sizes

Tournaments events must not have draw sizes greater than 32 for singles events. If more than 32 players participate in such events a qualifying round(s) should be used to determine main draw acceptance. Doubles draw sizes shall be half that of their respective singles events.

Event Grade Draw Size Minimum Participants
A 32 + Qualifying 33
B 32 24
C 16 12
D 8 6 Knock-Out/4 Round Robin

Event grades are based upon total number of players actually participating in that event. If less than specified minimum participants actually play in the 1st round then that round shall be treated as a Qualifying Round and the next round shall be treated as the Main Draw 1st round. This may result in the event being classified at a lower grade. Winning a qualifying match is not equivalent to winning a round. Points will not be awarded for Knock-Out and Round Robin events with less than 6 and 4 participants, respectively.

Allocation of Points

To receive points a player must reach a round where points are available (see points table below). The number of points available in each round will vary depending upon the grade of the event and the round reached. Ranking points for any relevant tournament will not be awarded to any player in breach of the Tennis Jamaica Junior Circuit Age Eligibility Rule.

No points will be awarded to a player until he/she has won a round. Advancement through a bye or walkover in the first match will not be equivalent to winning a round. Advancement by virtue of default or retirement following the commencement of a match will be equivalent to winning a round.

Points Table

Singles Doubles
150 100 60 40
100 75 45 30
100 75 45 30
80 50 30 20
80 50 30 20
60 30 20
60 30 20
45 20
Losers in last 16
45 20

Lucky Losers

Players losing in the final round(s) of qualifying for Grade A events may be allowed to enter the main draw if a main draw player fails to show for his/her match. Lucky losers are drawn by lot.

Graded Tournaments

If a tournament is assigned an overall grade (e.g. Super Series tournaments), all events categories will award points in accordance with specified grade regardless of their draw sizes.

Grade A – Super Series

A player/team winning both Super Series tournaments (the All Jamaica Junior Championships and the Interscholastic Championships) in a single age group within a calendar year achieves a “Junior Super Series” and is awarded an End of Year bonus of 250 points for Singles or 180 points for doubles.

End-of-Year Rankings

To qualify for an end-of-year ranking players must have played and obtained points from at least four (4) tournaments within an age group for which they are qualified during the calendar year.

National Junior Champions

At the end of each calendar year, the player (or players if tied) with the highest ranking in his/her age category will be the declared the National Junior Champion for that age category for that year. Each champion will also receive an End-of-Year bonus of 100 ranking points.

Publication of Rankings

The results from all recognized tournaments on the Tennis Jamaica Junior Circuit shall be processed and the rankings published on the 1 st Monday of each month. These shall be made available to the press, tournament organizers and, on request, to other interested individuals. You may also follow the Tennis Jamaica Junior Circuit online on Twitter @tjjuniors or by clicking “Like” on our Facebook page.

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